Managing Your Money - Made Easy!

Our goal is to help you organize your finances.   The website takes the complex world of budgeting and finance and makes it super simple shares budgeting and money-saving hacks.  


My name is Mukul Verma and it might sound nerdy to you, but I am very passionate about my finances! 

I have been tracking my own finances for over 15 years.    I could easily tell you my income, expenses, assets, liabilities and net-worth, for any given point in time, down to the penny, because I love the numbers that much. 

Not to forget, I also have an honours degree in Finance and I have been managing several successful businesses for the past 15 years and have worked as top financial planner for one of the leading banks in North America.

I have been tracking my own monthly financials since I graduated University in 2003,  with over $35,000 in student debt and loans.  I was young, driven and ambitious to make something BIG of myself.  I wanted to start my own business, buy a house, and  start a family. But I knew none of that could happen until my debt was gone.   

With proper money management, I was able to  paid off  ALL my loan,  purchase my first home (put a 3o% down payment), and started my first business, in 3 short years.   And I don't want to forget the icing on the cake, I took my wife on a dream honeymoon to Hawaii.

I was on the right track and it was easier then most people would think.  BUT, to my surprise, what I thought was common knowledge to me,  was not  that common to everyone else.     The small things really make a BIG difference when it comes to money management, as long as you KNOW about them. 

This is why My Budget + was created.  I wanted to share my common sense financial experience with everyone, so you too could learn to get the most from your hard earned money. Hence the FREE Savings Guide - 10 Ways to Immediately Start Saving was created, to share with you! 

Download the guide and please let me know if you have any questions.   My goal is to help you improve your finances.


MyBudgetPlus.com was created with a few goals in mind

  1. The first is to share basic financial knowledge, terms and real life examples from everyday experiences, we hear from Angelie Gabijan.
  2. Then, I will share tips and tricks on successful budgeting and how to save your money!
  3. Finally , to share financial knowledge and increase your financial awareness and literacy.   

My goal, with the help of others who also share my strong passion for financial literacy are here to provide sound money management advice and budgeting information.

You can reach out on FACEBOOK at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mybudgetplus/.